Our Process

Omni Gear provides world markets with precision quality open gearing and enclosed drives in production lots of 50 to 10,000 pieces. With American ownership and managment, Omni Gear supplies value engineering and manufacturing solutions for our customers.

We have developed an excellent supplier base for precision forgings and castings, gray and ductile iron, alloy steels, impact resistant thrust washers and bearings, ISO 12.9 fasteners and other quality hardware. These factors linked with modern CNC machining, gear production and inspection equipment put Omni Gear at the pinnacle of global gear manufacturers.

With over 70 years of manufacturing experience in the engineering, production, and sale of construction and agricultural equipment, Omni Gear has a solid foundation and vast understanding of the needs of today's equipment builders. With 42 years of manufacturing experience in Asia, Omni Gear has become a recognized leader within the world-wide enclosed geardrive community.

Today, Omni Gear provides gearboxes to many of the world's largest manufacturers of agricultural, mobile off-highway and industrial equipment.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to manufacture the highest value power transmission systems for agricultural, mobile off-highway, and industrial equipment manufacturers. Omni Gear has manufacturing and assembly centers around the world.

Omni Gear designs, manufactures and distributes enclosed gear drives utilizing straight bevel, spur, spiral bevel, helical and worm gearing.

Omni Gear began supplying power transmission equipment for agricultural machinery in 1958. Today, we are a world class manufacturer supplying gearboxes, specialty forgings, and custom gears globally for a variety of industries and applications.

We offer world class industrial components at a globally competitive price. Allow us to quote your gearing needs and utilize our globally recognized advantages to bring value to your company. Remember, the more value we add, the more money you will save.


Omni sells Japanese PT items to Tractor dealers in Washington


Company adds other Power Transmission line to their dealer offerings


Omni began selling to their first OEM customers from warehouse


Omni sets up other distributors for the OEM product lines


Omni Gear builds first straight bevel right angle gearbox in Japan


Omni establishes distributor in Australia/New Zealand


Omni built its 50,000 th gearbox


Omni Gear moves production into China into two facilities


Moves assembly/distribution center to Houston from Yakima WA


Omni Gear adds worm gear units to their straight bevel gear-drives


Omni Gear establishes distributor in S.Africa


Omni Gear establishes Expat QC office in Shanghai


Omni Gear builds its 500,000th gearbox


Omni Gear opens WOFE Gearbox mfg. plant in Shanghai


Company begins selling planetary drives to Braden Winch


Develops 7th catalog product line, establishes distributor in Ireland


Establishes assembly/distribution center in Brazil for S.America


Starts 24 hour quick ship program, establishes office in Middle East


Omni Gear sells its 6,000,000th gearbox


Company rolls out its 8th product line, Universal Worm Gear Drives


Omni Gear sell first cartridge motor input planetary w/internal brake


Omni Gear produces ground tooth helical parallel shaft gearboxes


Omni Gear ships their first 7000Nm internal brake/cartridge motor port planetary


Omni Gear develops first two energy market gear drives (wind/oil & gas)